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A Bathroom to Share

I recently purchased this vanity bench for my daughter's bathroom, and I'm loving how it looks.   Kim over at Green Room Interiors has a fantastic eye.  She found this little bench, painted it and reupholstered it in this great fabric.
When I saw it in her shop, I knew it would look amazing in the space.
My daughter shares this bath with our guest bedroom, so I wanted to make it a bit more sophisticated and this vanity bench is definitely a step in the right direction.

It fits perfectly in the built in vanity area.  The fabric is a linen with gray, green and teal (which is my daughter's favorite color) accents.  What I like about the fabric is that it is whimsical enough for my eight year old, but the colors are "grown up" enough for a guest bathroom.  Thanks, Kim!

This little vanity bench is only the beginning for this bathroom.  I have big big plans in there, but I must pace myself.  If you recall awhile back, I posted on some great affordable artwork.  This is the piece I had framed for the space.

I would love to get one more from this series so I can stack them vertically on this wall.  Then I will paint a dramatic color on the wall, so the large mat of the artwork draws your eye into the small watercolor.

Now that I have a couple of pieces for inspiration, I can begin to make this bathroom something special. 

Stay tuned. . . .  
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A Bathroom to Share
A Bathroom to Share
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