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Antique Lesson - Silver Breakfast Dish

I have always loved these beautiful silver serving pieces.  For years I wondered what they were originally used for and at one point asked a friend who is well versed on such things.  She said, "Oh, those are game servers."  So, from then on I've been calling them game servers.  When I tried to do a little computer research on them using "game server" as my search term,  I quickly realized she was misinformed!  So, here's the scoop on this unusual piece.

According to the Bryan Douglas Antique Silver Company, this beautiful dish was used for serving hot food at breakfast, and usually placed on a sideboard.

 The earliest known examples date from the latter part of the 18th century but they are rare in silver before 1790. 

Some have in-built spirit burner lamps underneath to keep the food warm, whereas later ones have a revolving cover and a hot-water compartment in the base.

Decoration varied from very plain early styles, through heavily engraved Victorian examples.

The vast majority were made in the 19th century in silverplate and they are still being made today.  Most have an oval body sitting on four feet.  

So, now you know the story behind this rare find.
As for an affordable look-a-like on this one . . . I found none.  If you have a source, I would love to hear about it.  

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Antique Lesson - Silver Breakfast Dish
Antique Lesson - Silver Breakfast Dish
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